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Mama Kita - educational institution for children of different ages Mama Kita is a nursery and kindergarten established in downtown Zug. The highly trained staff speaks fluently two important languages, namely English and German bringing together children from different cultures with different backgrounds while ensuring their safe development. After working with children of various ages for years, they understand that each one of them has a unique personality. Preserving an excellent communication with parents represents one of their main goals because it allows them to develop a customized treatment for every infant. Zug kindergarten is open seven days a week for babies, toddlers, minis, midis and maxis. The facility includes group rooms, nursery and nap rooms, cuisine and kitchen, gym, music chamber and a garden. The group rooms are spacious enough for children’s matinees, birthdays and parent events. However, the purpose of these rooms is to nourish creativity by allocating an art studio. Zug nursery has detached rooms with traditional cribs dedicated to babies and toddlers. The large and modern kitchen is a gathering point for all kids during breakfast, lunch and early supper. They have the possibility to learn how to prepare delicious meals from one of the teachers. The gym allows children to stay active by practicing various sports recommended for each age. In the music chamber, the atmosphere is more relaxed because it challenges their artistic side. Infants from two years old can listen to piano music, sing in choir in both English and German and even learn how to play the instrument. The garden, which practically represents the outdoor alternative to the gym, is ideal for playing, experimenting, engaging in stimulating activities, having great meals and enjoying a cup of healthy tea. Zug childcare is open on weekends for busy parents as well as during the summer. The staff gives full attention to each age group for proper and unhindered development. The facility perfectly renders the home atmosphere by creating cozy rooms with quality furnishings for babies to sleep peacefully. The group includes up to seven babies. In comparison to babies, toddlers need a different approach because they already start making the first steps and the staff knows it. For this reason, they allow toddlers to play freely with relevant toys in spacious room with wooden equipment. Both groups have the possibility to explore the outside world by spending time in the garden. Zug pre-kindergarten also takes care of minis groups, which include children with ages of two and three. Infants have a different development pace and the staff groups them accordingly. There can be up to ten minis in a single group. The midis are the kids exceeding the age of three and the main objective of the staff is to help them understand human interaction by enlarging the groups so that they can find their own place and make friends. Hey also start learning about their country of origin. Maxis include children between the ages of four and six. They benefit from educational programs relying on literacy and communication, math and science, arts and music.