Crazy Tranny Issues.

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As asked for, I will repost my story about what took place at Clarkes on Belmont on Saturday night. Hopefully, it won't turn into another troll-filled bitchfest.

Exactly what I would do is get a jumper wire, hook it to the connector for the red wire and to favorable, this will ensure the TECA has power. Now see how it drives, if it's better then you know the problem is in the relay or the fusible link. I 'd inspect the link for power first though as that would be my very first guess. Only utilize the jumper for testing purposes as it will leave the TECA powered up even with the key off.

Unlike other travel bikes that compromise weight and handling for traveling benefit, the tranny cams ( 29 sacrifices practically nothing in frame weight, can be found in at a scant 3.08 pounds. The Ibis Fruit machine chain tensioning design further boosts the Tranny's versatility, using a sliding box behind the bottom bracket that enables it to be run as either a single speed or a tailored bike.

Speaking of employees, I think it's amusing to note that a person of the cooks is a large, muscular guy that does not speak any English. He heard all the screaming, came out, saw all the flying glass, and hit the floor with his legs and arms expanded in a big X and didn't move for 5 minutes. He believed the dining establishment was being flashed by gatling gun. Now all the other cooks are teasing him.

OK my '94 diagram states it's in the engine compartment fuse panel and calls it the PCM relay. It has a black/white wire and black/yellow wire to control it and red wire out to the TECA, the other wire is a yellow wire hooked to a fusible link. In my experience on other Fords in addition to this one the fusible links burn out. I have actually always just changed them with regular wire and an inline fuse of the proper size. The fuse link is 14 gauge and it's dark green and connected to favorable. My guess is it's connected to the starter relay. The black/yellow wire has a diode in it.