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After the chopper had been inside air for quite a while, it began to circle. I looked out a side window. There were people running around in what appeared to be a field of mud in the middle of a mud berm. It seemed like a creek ran over the middle of the mud field. The chopper started a considerable. Huggins asked the back doorman the fact that was down there. He said, "Your home." Huggins turned and looked over me as they said, "No, Man!" Well sure enough, they made us log off the chopper and wade through mud into the LZ. We were met by Sgt Brown. He was a real jolly guy who started out by showing us a Chinese hand grenade. He you shouldn't be like the dumb ass we sent home yesterday. He pulled the string and blew his balls off. Brown never smiled. He said, "Now this can be serious and that means you always listen to what I tell you." We were all ears. I have been trained in mortars in AIT along with NCO School. Huggins had never experienced mortars. Brown told Huggins that they would be in FDC and that I can be going out with the Recon Platoon the next day. vietnam tour promotion I said, "But my training is at mortars." Brown responded, "I have no need for any mortar men. You're going with Recon." I asked, "How several of these men have had mortar training?" Brown snapped back, "None of them, but that don't matter cause I spent time and effort in artillery." I was reminded with the term "military intelligence". Tried to get back on sleep, but I just laid there paying attention to the sounds around the LZ. Some time later, I don't know what time, explosions started going off method to close to us. We sat up and looked over each other. We decided it must be incoming. We started digging inside our back packs to have the empty magazines that had been issued to us. About that time shrapnel came with the poncho and cut a sizable hole during my air mattress. I plopped down about the pallet. For more information on vietnam tour promotion look at our own internet site. Someone yelled from outside, "Is somebody in that hooch?" We reluctantly answered inside the affirmative. He said get out around the berm and begin firing. I told him we didn't have any ammo in your magazines. He told us there were plenty of ammo in the berm. I crawled out and briefly met Sgt Kilgore.
I crawled toward the berm. On my way, I crawled right into what had appeared to be a creek through the air. I thought I was likely to drown. I hung onto my M16 and scrambled out on the other side. I crawled up to the berm and asked for ammo. Somebody threw several magazines if you ask me. I loaded my rifle and viewed the berm. Right there before me was obviously a gook about thirty feet from my location. On the trip to Vietnam, I worried that I would not be able to kill someone when dealing with the need to accomplish that. It had really bothered me, but I didn't tell anyone about my concern. As my eyes fell on the gook I unloaded a twenty vietnam travel vacations round clip into him. Oh well, some much for nervous about killing. When the brown faecal matter hits the rotating wedge, training starts and you do everything you have been trained to do. Thank you God.
That night the squad leader of Blue 3 was wounded and medivacked. The next day Sgt. Brown assigned me compared to that job. He said, "Now I need a mortar man."