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Lost is often a show well known for action, mysteries, weird stuff, mysteries, cliffhangers, effectively few more mysteries. However the music for Lost additionally a major factor of the show, as a result of adds towards grand symphony of tale became media frenzy. Composer Michael Giacchino contributes with his exciting music score for everybody episode, but popular songs from slimming also help add along with classic Lost scene from time to time. Here are ten on the best songs and music cues ever used on Lost and exactly they helped to make many classic Lost moments better.

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Chain Reaction from the 1983 album Frontiers. This tune is indeed so loud and fast moving, but straddles the line perfectly to keep from sounding like an exotic ranting beat. The song to me is so full of your energy that I overlook the cheesiness within the music video the band shot because. It was only when I can hear it on my stereo and never having to view the zany for-MTV production we became a brilliant fan of your song.

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